The success of Phoenix Tower Cranes depends on our company’s comprehensive commitment to being the premier equipment company that safely provides to the lifting industry. Safe operations at all levels and in all departments are absolutely essential and of greatest priority to us. The implementation of safety above all else is imperative in our day-to-day operations, ensuring the highest level of compliancy to the established industry inspection standards and safety procedures to minimize the risk to human life, and to guarantee that everyone returns safely to their family every day.

​​Phoenix Tower Cranes is dedicated to creating a better and more efficient American made tower crane for the construction industry. We believe that manufacturing an American made tower crane will benefit contractors and construction companies, as well as providing more jobs for the American economy.

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Phoenix Tower Cranes is a division of Stafford Crane Group, one of the largest tower crane rental and sales sources in the United States, with international presence on five continents. Safe operations at all levels and in all departments are absolutely essential and of great priority to us.

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All parts and components of our tower cranes are readily available for purchase in North America. In addition, servicing and engineering are available at our American based headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Every structural component is designed and engineered to be transported in standard trucking dimensions, with no need for oversize permits, and can shipped internationally in 40 foot high cubes.